Harvard Law School University came together around the challenge of artificial intelligence and its governance. Over four months, they took part in a rigorous two week design thinking and team building sprint, participated in a spring term course—the Ethics of AI—co-taught by Jonathan Zittrain and Joi Ito, and developed their projects throughout the three month development […]

guy with a smartphone

Have you ever been on a mobile website, filling out a form, being asked for your email address, and much to your annoyance the keyboard being shown on your phone doesn’t have a “@” or a “.” on it? Here’s how you can make your web forms better.

man with laptop being recorded on video

I have been a little creeped out by Google ads following me online.  They track what you search for, sites you visit on Chrome, and the contents of your emails. They’re even putting targeted ads in my email on newsletters I subscribe to.  Of course, Google doesn’t charge me for anything – Gmail, Google Drive, […]

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I have friends who are religious (either culturally or in practice), friends who identify as agnostic, and friends who identify as atheist.  I enjoy the company of each one of them for various reasons specific to the individual person, and each of them is more or less benevolent. My friends who enjoy philosophy, religious or […]